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For Business Owners

StaySafe Diary empowers your customers to check in with ease and minimal setup
StaySafe Diary provides a convenient contactless solution that doesn’t get in the way of your business as usual or compromise the privacy of your customers.

1. Register your Business

2. Display Code

3. Check In

Customers: Scan the QR code using the StaySafe Diary app before you enter the venue.

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4. Confirm

Business owners: Print your QR code and display it at the entrance to your business.

Customers: Hold up your phone to staff to confirm that you have successfully checked in.

How it works 

For Customers

Keep your data in your hands with StaySafe Diary
You never share any personal data with StaySafe Diary, and all of your check in data stays on your phone until you choose to share it. StaySafe Diary is completely private. 

Stay safer with contactless check in
With StaySafe Diary you avoid the need to sign in with a pen, or touch anything other people have touched. Just scan a QR code at your favourite local business and you’re good to go.

Help businesses stay in business. 
StaySafe Diary enables you to safely and responsibly get back to visiting your favourite cafes, restaurants, and bars - helping to preserve our communities so we can all get back to normal as quickly as possible. 

5. Check Out

Customers: Use the StaySafe Diary app to check out when you leave the business.

6. Built-in Alerts

Customers: If there’s any reason that you need to confirm that you were checked in at a business, you will be alerted by the app and given advice on next steps.

£49 +VAT gets you 3 months of Rippl per venue

Business owners: Register and receive a unique QR code.

Rippl provides my customers the confidence they need to feel comfortable welcoming their guests back through the door.”

Jonny McKenzie - Founder of posBoss and the Safe Hands Initiative

Rippl is an essential part of my tool kit for when I go back to normal trade”

Not a registered business? Not a problem!
StaySafe Diary is a great solution for businesses of all kinds. Do you run a gym? Own a book shop? Manage a social gathering space? StaySafe Diary can help you open your doors with confidence.

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Get it on Google Play
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Download on the App Store
Wellington and Dunedin businesses qualify for free registration! Read more below.Stay Safe Diary Frequently Asked QuestionsStay Safe Diary Frequently Asked Questions

Our registration system is currently under scheduled maintenance and will be available again at 3:00pm NZT

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We’re in the news!

“Wellington digital agency PaperKite has developed the country's first contact tracing app.”

As seen on Stuff—May 18th, 2020.
Article by Tom Hunt

£49 +VAT gets you 3 months of Stay Safe Diary per venue

The Privacy Trust Mark award identifies products and services that the Privacy Commissioner considers to be outstanding in the way they manage personal information. The award is intended to give consumers confidence that products like Rippl have used a “privacy by design” approach, and can be trusted. The award follows a thorough review by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of the Rippl solution and the PaperKite’s privacy practices that support it.

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Please note the trial of StaySafe Diary has now closed

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StaySafe Diary is powered by the famous New Zealand contact tracing app: Rippl.

Winner of the prestigious Privacy Trust Mark for privacy by design.

To celebrate the UK moving to Level 3 Lockdown, all UK businesses can now register for FREE for a limited time

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Please note the trial of StaySafe Diary has now closed